Landlord Gas Safety Certificates in Derby

What is Gas Safety Check?

A gas safety certificate or check involves a Gas Safe registered engineer inspecting your gas appliance(s). They will check the appliance is working correctly and will check the following four areas:

  • Gas appliances are on the right setting and burning correctly with the correct operating pressure
  • Harmful gases are being removed from the appliance safely to the air outside
  • That any ventilation routes are clear and working properly
  • All the safety devices are working

The check will identify any defects which require remedial work. You should have a gas safety check every year. If you are a landlord this is the law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are landlord gas safety inspections important?

With a Gas Safety inspection from Gas safety checks in Derby, our Gas Safe registered engineers can provide all the necessary checks and paperwork you need. You'll be issued with a landlord gas safety certificate on the same day to give to your tenants within 28 days of the inspection being carried out. Then you can provide documentation for anyone who moves in to your property about when your inspection was last carried out and when the next annual inspection is due.

This certificate will prove that your gas appliances are in good working order, and identify any appliances that need to be repaired, serviced or replaced for safety reasons.

Landlord gas safety inspections

What's included in the inspection?

Our landlords gas safety inspection will take roughly about 40-90 minutes to complete depending on the number of appliances you have. We can provide certification for gas boilers, gas heaters, gas fires and gas water heaters.

The inspection covers the main safety and operational aspects of your gas appliance. This includes things like heat output, pressure, ventilation and if they meet current standards.

Completing a landlord gas safety inspection will show that the gas appliance checked in your rental property is safe for use, and your tenants are not at risk should they decide to use it.

Why should I get the boiler serviced at the same time?

However it‘s also good practice to fully service your appliances at the same time to ensure both safety, efficiency and avoid future breakdowns.

Landlord gas safety certificate

Once the landlord gas safety inspection has been successfully completed, we'll leave you with a CP12 certification form for your records which will be signed by our Gas safe registered engineer to validate your certificate.

This form will include: The tenant's name, address and telephone number The landlord's name, address and telephone number A list of all gas appliances checked, as well as the number of appliances in the property The location, make, model and type of each gas appliance